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The appointed Sheriff has spent over $730,000.00 on his campaign so far to win this local election. That's 3 1/2 times more than the next highest-spending candidate running for any local office.  Interesting to say the least! 

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My Top 4 Priorities:

 Why You Should Vote

Gary Allen Pruitt for Hillsborough County Sheriff


1. Diversity Among the Ranks, Especially Command Staff

Everyone deserves the right to be recognized and relate. Hillsborough County has a diverse population, yet the command staff is predominantly white and male. How can the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office serve the community if it does not represent them?


2. Citizen Advisory Committee

This idea isn’t popular with law enforcement, but I wholeheartedly believe that the citizens we are responsible for protecting deserve input on our governing policies and procedures. When people feel that we serve ourselves instead of them, they start to resent the organization that was created to serve them.


3. Full Unionization of the Ranks from Sergeant and Below

It will be my top priority to unionize deputies, sergeant and below. These are the men and women who do most of the work and the ones who feel the least appreciation for it. Deputies in the ranks of lieutenant and above would not be allowed to unionize--they are a part of management and exist solely to serve the men and women who serve the citizen. It is truly time for this! The PBA has endorsed my opponent--I wonder if he believes they should be unionized as well? Don’t be fooled by an endorsement; deputies should call the PBA and find out what the endorsement means to them. My guess is that it is politics as usual.


4. Transparency

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has been passing the torch with the office of sheriff for over 50 years, keeping the secrets close at hand. It is time that the citizens of Hillsborough County brought some new blood into that agency and put a stop to the Good Ol' Boy system that has dominated for too long.




I am passionate about serving the citizens of this county, and I want law enforcement to treat them with the respect they deserve. I am equally passionate about the rights of the men and women who serve these citizens. I know from my time in law enforcement that those in the ranks sergeant and below do 90% or more of the service to the citizen but receive less than 10% of the respect from staff. Respect of the troops will be job one, and if they are disrespected by my staff, I will take that as a direct disrespect to myself.

The citizens are treated poorly at times because they are dealing with deputies who are treated poorly by the ranking officers. The deputies are treated like they are stupid, and no one thinks they notice that while command staff is full, the squads are short. Building up the force of the sheriff’s office this way is like building a house roof first; it makes no sense--it’s unfair and dangerous.

This disrespect of the deputies carries over to the citizens in many situations. I was asked recently if I would support de-escalation training for deputies should I become sheriff. Yes, I would fully support this training. I followed up my answer with this: I do believe that sometimes the problem at hand is escalated by the deputy. A squad routinely hits the street short-handed, meaning a squad of 10 or 12 will often go to work for their shift with only six people. Everybody sees this problem. The deputies complain, but they are either not heard or not listened to (sounds like they need a union). The deputy feels hatred and mistrust from the citizen and belittlement from the staff and is immediately stressed before even beginning work. This is where the escalation starts. They are pissed off from being pissed on, and they haven’t even left the building yet.

Many in law enforcement believe that they are unwelcome in the community, and this feeling has caused a reduction in active patrol of our streets and neighborhoods. It’s either go from call to call or hide to avoid complaints. When the complaint does come in, it goes to the lieutenants, who immediately try to figure out what the deputy did wrong and how they can mitigate their responsibility for your actions.

Throughout my career, I have been in front of my lieutenant’s desk numerous times to explain why my actions were my job. Wouldn’t it be unique if the lieutenant knew what you were supposed to be doing at work so maybe you could spend more time doing your job and less time trying to justify your actions?

When we become law enforcement officers, we look forward. When we want advancement and we get promoted, we look forward. We get so caught up in looking toward the next rank that we forget why we chose to serve. The corporal wants to be a sergeant, the sergeant wants to be a lieutenant, the lieutenant wants to be a captain, the captain wants to be a major, the major wants to be a colonel, the colonel wants to politic for the sheriff (oh, sorry--that last part was from a picture I saw on my opponent’s Twitter feed from a recent campaign rally). Staff should serve the deputy and the deputy should serve the citizen.

What should truly happen is we should look back. We should never forget where we came from and why we joined. When we get hired and we get promoted, we should back into that position, we should never turn our back on the citizen who we have sworn to serve. By charging forward, we forget to look back and forget why we serve.

This is a job interview, ladies and gentlemen, and for the citizens of Hillsborough County a unique opportunity to choose a sheriff for two years. David Gee and Rick Scott gave my opponent the opportunity to be sheriff knowing that a special election was coming; that election is almost here and the citizens of Hillsborough County can make their own choice instead of letting the choice be made for them. The game of “hand-me-down sheriff” has been played since the 1960s, and I believe the citizens should put a stop to it.


Vote Gary Allen Pruitt for Hillsborough County Sheriff

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Saturday, October 13, 2018 12:00 AM

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