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About Gary

My name is Gary Allen Pruitt, and I would like to introduce myself and tell you why I want to be the Sheriff of Hillsborough County. I am currently the Director of Security at the Westfield Citrus Park mall working for Professional Security Consultants. In this position, I interact with Hillsborough County Sheriff Deputies on a very routine basis and see the restraints that are put on them as they attempt to stop the petty crimes that occur at the mall.

I spent 25 years as a law enforcement officer with the Tampa Police Department, retiring in September of 2015. During my time with this agency, I spent all of my time in the patrol districts where I served as a patrol officer and patrol supervisor as well as a plainclothes officer and supervisor. I was also a detective assigned to latent investigations.

While in the patrol district, I was also assigned as the Environmental Crimes Detective. Although this was an assignment designed to help the East Tampa neighborhood combat the blight that covered their community, it was actually a community-oriented policing position where I was able to interact with and touch the community. What I learned in this position is that law enforcement as a whole either isn’t comfortable with routinely engaging with the citizens it serves or has forgotten that we actually work for them.

In this position, I was often censored in what I was allowed to tell the citizens what we, as law enforcement, were doing to combat certain concerns they had in their community. It became really evident that we were not providing the service to the community we not only should be doing, but we had sworn to do. This all just seemed to be politics.

While working in this position, I realized I not only wanted to be of more service to the community, but I also wanted to be in a position where I could ensure the citizens received the service they deserved; that is when I decided I wanted to be the Sheriff of Hillsborough County.

Since I decided to run, I have been told that the Sheriff’s Department is closed to outsiders--the outgoing sheriff often picks his successor, which is a pattern that I have noticed. I know that big money and power shouldn’t be allowed to hold influence over these elected positions. The sheriff should work for all people in Hillsborough County--not just backers with deep pockets and power.

I know that this will not be an easy race by any means, but I will continue to fight until Election Day. Everyone has one vote, no matter how rich or powerful--let’s make that vote count.

Please consider supporting me in my race for Sheriff of Hillsborough County. I want to give you the representation you deserve.

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